Borgrar from Emerald Dream, professional wrestling fan, shammy stuffs, and tasty foods.
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sausage egg and cheese on a blueberry bagel is the breakfast of borgrars everywhere. yall need some peanut butter to go with all that jelly

like if i didnt have to give up this couch in the library, I would totally go grab a bagel. i wonder if this dude would not steal my stuff. or maybe he would go buy me a bagel?

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Having fun playing with the pencils on the Group W bench.  WITH THE WARCHIEF.

I actually didn’t get any good screenshots tonight, but I had a lot of fun with the disgusting bounty of warlocks and zero healers who accompanied us. 

It was very fun. First time I have done wpvp in a long time. We need to do more sometime and I will try to get comfortable calling targets on my DK.